Aphid mummies

Working Groups

IOBC NRS Working Group on Greenhouse, Nursery and Ornamental Landscape IPM

 Convenors:  John Sanderson, Cornell University
                       Graeme Murphy, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

The Greenhouse, Nursery and Ornamental Landscape IPM WG consists of a network of IOBC members who work in biological control and IPM of greenhouse crops (ornamental and vegetable), nursery crops and in ornamental landscapes. There is no formal structure to the group and no regular meetings; however its members are often involved in collaborative projects and have strong communication ties.

The WG is strongly supportive of initiatives of IOBC-NRS and contributes to the organization of events such as the recent joint conference (with IOBC-NTRS) in Niagara Falls, Ontario, “Biocontrol in the Americas – Past, Present and Future”. At the Niagara Falls meeting, the WG organized the greenhouse visits (flower and vegetable greenhouses) associated with the bus tour of the biocontrol activities in the region.

Future plans for the WG include supporting the development of a Greenhouse Biocontrol web site. The objectives of the project are to provide a single location for growers to access information to assist in implementing biocontrol strategies for greenhouse crops. However, it is felt that such a resource should also be useful for researchers and other biocontrol practitioners. As such it is planned to reference the content as completely as possible. A template for the site is being built around General IPM Strategies and one key pest, Whitefly. The initial funding for the development of the site is through the Canadian greenhouse ornamental grower’s association, Flowers Canada. The 2011 WG funding from IOBC-NRS has also been earmarked to support the project. The first version of the site will be presented for review and comment to WG members. Based on that feedback, further plans for expansion of the site and its longer term future will be developed. 

Spring Floral Crops in Greenhouse1 Thrips feeding on Chrysanthemum









Spring floral greenhouse crops                                     Thrips damage on chrysanthemum

Cereal Aphid Banker PlantAphidoletes larvae on Rose leaf









Cereal banker plants                                                     Aphidoletes larvae, predators of aphids,
promote establishment of Aphidius                                 on rose leaf
parasitoids for aphid control