Stethorus punctum (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae), a voracious predator of tetranychid mites

Education Curriculum

curriculum CoccinellidaeClass02In 2008, the IOBC-NRS governing board created an Education Curriculum Committee to promote the education of students in areas of biological control that are not well represented at universities. The goal of this education development program is to partner with currently existing courses and workshops, and facilitate the creation of new educational opportunities, that advance the knowledge and practice of biological control. Awards granted to individual programs are meant to cover portions of the course costs in order to make these courses more accessible to students. Awards are not intended to entirely cover the expenses of a course. Decisions on whether to fund the course will be made within six weeks of the request.

Partnering with the IOBC-NRS will provide a course with up to $2,000 to assist with course expenses (the final amount will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the Education Curriculum Committee and IOBC-NRS governing board). In return, we request that each sponsored course:

  1. Provide a reduction in course costs to IOBC student members. This reduction can be recouped from the IOBC in addition to the award amount.
  2. In all course announcements, the course must mention the sponsorship by the IOBC
  3. Initial course announcements must be supplied to the IOBC-NRS for circulation to IOBC membership.

Education Development Committee (2008-present)

Chair: Jonathan Lundgren (
Ray Carruthers
Andy Deans
James Harwood
Lee Solter

Sponsored Courses

IOBC-NRS Education Development Award Application

Download the application in PDF format below.

IOBC-NRS Education Development Award Application