Workshop Participants at CIAT in Cali, Colombia

Biodiversity and Biological Control
  Short Course a success in Cali

The IOBC-sponsored shortcourse Biodiversity and Biological Control was held near Cali, Colombia on September 12-17, 2011 at CIAT (International Center for Tropical Agriculture) and Yotoco Nature Preserve (operated by Universidad Nacional). The short course, part of the IOBC-NRS education curriculum, was also supported in part by IOBC-Global and was a coordinated effort of the Nearctic and Neotropical Regional Sections.  

Students came from four countries, and learned a series of topics from world experts. Specific units of the course focused on the importance of biological control in tropical production systems (led by Kris Wyckhuys), tropical ant ecology in biological control (Inge Armbrecht), natural history of scale insects (Demien Kondo), landscape ecology and its implications for biological control (Tatyana Rand), whitefly biological control (Maria Manzano), and food diversity and biological control and how to diagnose feeding behavior (Jonathan Lundgren).

Additionally, the students were immersed in Colombian culture and spent two nights in a tropical forest.

below: inspection of sentinel prey in forest



above: Organizer Wyckhuys examining plants in the lab

below:  In the pitaya (dragonfruit) plantation